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Thailand Title Deeds

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There are several types of Title Deeds in Thailand and each has its own distinction in terms of use, survey status and rights of the owners or occupants. By order from the most secure to the least secure, the following are the discussions that provides for the differences and similarities of these Title Deeds.

Chanote - the Chanote or Nor Sor 4 (NS-4) is the most secure of all types of Title Deeds. A land with a title that bears the Chanote is the most dependable. It also means that the land has been fully surveyed by the Land Department and is correlated with the national survey grid and satellite photographs.

Lands bearing this Title Deed can be mortgaged, bought or sold.

The document bears the red garuda.

In case of squatters occupying a land with a Chanote Title Deed, the owner has at 10 years to evict them otherwise the occupants may claim and eventually obtain ownership of the land.

Nor Sor Sam Gor - the Nor Sor Sam Gor (NS-3K), like the Chanote, also has its boundaries well defined by unofficial survey of the Land Department. Nonetheless, the unofficial survey results has been correlated with the master surveys and satellite photographs.

The Nor Sor Sam Gor can also be called as "Confirmed Certificate of Use" and is among the superior types of Title Deeds, only a notch lower than the Chanote. However, it can also be mortgaged, bought or sold. The owner can also file for a petition to have it officially surveyed and the deed type elevated to a Chanote.

Yet, unlike the more superior Chanote, owners of lands with this type of Title Deed only have a year to evict illegal occupants.

Nor Sor Sam - the NS-3 or Certificate of Use is least superior of the three. Lands with this type of Title Deed has no definite boundaries as these are not surveyed by the Land Department yet.

The Certificate of Use only provides certification that the person occupying the land has put it into good use such as by planting crops on it. If ever the occupant wants to have it bought, sold or mortgage, he has to publish it first at the Land Department for at least 30 days.

Like the Nor Sor Sam Gor, the owner of the land with this type of Title Deed only has a year to evict squatters.

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