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Thailand Permanent Residency

for Canadian Citizens

A Canadian citizen wishing to gain Thai permanent residency would be up for a highly complicated process in obtaining it but the advantages of having one would offset the time, money and effort employed.

The following are some of the benefits or advantages that the Canadian citizen would enjoy if and when he would gain Thai Permanent Residency.

  1. Indeed, the Canadian is allowed to purchase condominium in Thailand but the funds should come from outside source. With permanent residency, this rule would be effectively cancelled.
  2. If the Canadian has this business acumen in him, he can become a director of a public company in the country.
  3. In behalf of the non-Thai family members, the Thai permanent resident Canadian can file for extension of stay for his family.
  4. He can have continuous stay in Thailand without the need for him to leave every few months or so.
  5. Visa runs and application for extension of stay would not be needed anymore.
  6. Easier and faster acquisition of work permit.
  7. Would be issued with permanent residence book and alien registration book.
  8. Increase chances of obtaining mortgage financing.
  9. A step lower than Thai citizenship.

To clarify, granting of Permanent Status by Thailand is limited to 100 individuals per country only. This means there is high degree of competition of applicants per country and so each applicant needs to present genuine and factual documents/information.


Meeting the qualifications set by Thailand is essential in the application for permanent residency.

The applicant needs to have a non-immigrant visa upon submission of application of at least three consecutive years. The applicant must also have a valid work permit for at least three years too.

Proof of funds is also essential as he should be earning at least 30,000 THB a month for at least five years if he is married to a Thai and 80,000 THB if single. More than that, he should also be able to show at least three years' worth of tax statements which is to affirm the proof of income.

The applicant must also submit a written explanation on his intentions to obtain Thai permanent residency.

Apart from these, the applicant may be asked of more documents depending on the category he/she belongs to such as:

  1. Business or employment
  2. Investment
  3. Experts or academics
  4. To provide support his Thai wife and children.
  5. As a dependent of a husband or father who is a Thai citizen.
  6. Accompanying the husband who is already a permanent resident.
  7. Retirement
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